Is IKEA's new iPhone app the future of magazines?

This week we've seen some magazines present future possibilities for themselves bundled with tablets.

For example, over at TechFluff the bouncy Hermonie shows us Sports Illustrated and asks; "Would you pay money for this?"

A good question. Don't hate it just because it's American sports.

Also this week we've got IKEA gearing up to tackle a hard challenge - to try and get us interested in yet another iPhone App. What they're letting us do is surf through their entire catalogue in an App.

I've never been in an IKEA store in my life so I thought I'd check out the preview.

Pretty slick, huh? Pretty similar too.

One big difference is the size of the screen but for the IKEA catalogue - all pictures, more or less, then the iPhone is good enough.

All IKEA need to do is add a section of content; perhaps fashion tips, perhaps streamed in from a blog and even if IKEA are paying a small license fee to that content provider then their App would be a serious alternative to paying for a Home & Fashion Magazine in electronic/tablet format.

I think we'll see a lot more content packaged up like this. A good thing too.

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