Top ten stupid questions from 2008

Well DuhImage by unclebumpy via FlickrI travel to a lot of shows and events. Oddly, I do a lot of speaking (it's odd as I can barely string two sentences together) and this includes training events run by various marketing assocations, business groups, local commerce entities, etc.

I made a point of scribbling down some of the questions I've been asked. I think you'll enjoy them too.

10) "Can we run Wordpress on our BlogSpot account?" - IT Manager of a large retailer.

9) "Can Windows XP go at broadband speed?" - Marcomms Manager at a SME.

8) "Does Google compete with Microsoft?" - Marketing Director at medium sized publisher

7) "If someone abandons the shopping cart how do you find it again?" - Marketing Manager at a SME.

6) "If we change our background colour to white will the page load more slowly?" - Marketing Executive at a travel firm.

5) "Would many affiliates be prepared to do cost-per-click on our company name?" - Content Manager at a high street retailer.

4) "Do blogs link to other websites?" - Marcomms Executive at a bank.

3) "What do you mean; people are hitting our website?" - Marketing Manager at legal firm.

2) "Do many people shop online now?" - Marketing Director of a SME.

1) "What are webmasters and why would they look at our code?" - a 'Head of Internet" at a medium sized B2B.

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