Reporting in circles

The economic climate is certainly keeping the ad industry buzzing with concern and discussion. One of the problems when people start to talk and just can't stop talking is that we start to talk in circles.

Within the space of minutes today's NMA has predicted that spend will go up and that spend will go down.

In the positive story its the agencies saying that they're predicting more spend; Search, of course, looks to be fairly robust and in this NMA story we'll see an increase in display. Its Platform-A (AOL) and Microsoft Media Network who are set to do well.

In the negative story it is the ad networks who say they'll have to fight to live. Adrevenue went into administration recently and the opening quote is from the ex-CEO;

The business entered administration last week. I'm working with administrators to ensure creditors get the funds owed.

Microsoft Media Network - predicted in the first article to do well - has to deny that they're cutting rates just to cope.

There have been a couple of incidents where we've offered a really low rate of under £1. It was a specific kind of buy and a one-off. It's not our standard rate.

So, what do you think? Will spend go up in 2009? Will spend go up in 2009 and will ad networks still have to fight for survival?

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