Building your own micro-Sphinn with Yahoo Pipes

I announced to Twitter that I want Sphinn to let me know when people I trusted had started to sphinn a post. Seconds later; oh wait... I think each user has a sphinns RSS and I love Yahoo Pipes.

And so I present the Yahoo Pipe for Micro Sphinn (beta 0.1) which outputs sphinn posts when two or more of the following have voted for the same story.

Danny Sullivan, Rusty Brick, Susan, Patrick Altoft, Philipp Lenssen, Vanessa Fox, Chris Winfield, Bill Slawski, Lisa Barone, SEO Honolulu, Lyndon, Loren Baker, Viper Chill, Chris Cathcart, Sebastian, David Wallace, Spostare Duro, Kevin Heisler, Rach, Mel C and Jeff Quipp

I'll put my hands up and admit - this needs work. I actually probably need to submit more Sphinn users in order to get the "wisdom of the crowds" to work. I can off set this by increasing the 2 or more limit to 3 or more or higher. If you'd like to be added then leave me a comment with your Sphinn URL.

I've also published this Pipe so feel free to subscribe to it or clone and modify!


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