Am I a Sphinn troll now?

Have I gone too far? I just desphunn a sphinn that had gone hot. The sphinn in question is Could Mixx Be the Next Digg?

So why was I such a bastard as to desphinn that? We've had countless sphinns about Mixx already. The write up the sphinn posted to was thorough but it didn't add anything new. This wasn't breaking news.

The great thing about Sphinn is that the wisdom of the crowd rules. In this case I think the crowd got it wrong... but Sphinn's robust enough not to let grumps like me spoil things.

I need to go back and look at my micro-Sphinn pipe. It's been silent. It could have been silent for two reasons; none of the Sphinners I shortlisted are sphinning the same submissions (and what does that tell you?) or my sample set isn't large enough.

Setting up the micro-Sphinn was just a quick idea and something I did in Dublin Airport after Search Marketing World! Was it a good idea after all?

I don't want to create a clique of Sphinn elite (I'm very much against cliques). I do want to extract a little bit more from Sphinn though.


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