The IAB's Best Practice Search Resource

The Internet Advertising Bureau announced today they are going to offer best practice search advice.

Here's the disclaimer. I'm part of this. In fact, a whole chapter in the IAB's Advanced Search Marketing book was written by me.

It's worth pausing to notice the IAB and their best practice efforts though. Why? The IAB's search council isn't just composed of digital marketing agencies, we have search engines themselves there and 'client side' companies with large search spends too.

At my last IAB Search Council meeting we had Yahoo, MSN and Google all sat together at one end of the table. This means that when the IAB says "this is best practice" it means that the search engines agree. It means that people who spend the money agree. It means agencies responsible for coordinating and maximising it all agree. That's pretty unique.

Very large companies turn to the IAB for advice. It's good to see search marketing getting this level of recognition. Finally.


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