Musical Onebox - Google's music box

A few weeks ago I mulled the idea of a Google Lyrics search on Matt's Guitar Hero review. I'm not going to say that that comment inspired Google to do a music search as they've had that since Dec 05. That said, it's nice to see track listings, reviews and other musical stuff in the onebox today. The next step up would be a lyric search or a recipe search where you can restrict your keyword match to your subject matter. A recipe search for "apple", for example, would be very different from a normal search for "apple".

(The onebox is the bit at the top of SERPs where you can find interjections from Google News, Froogle, etc).

Specailised searches, or vertical searches, are ones to watch. There's almost constant speculation as to whether will do a people search - personals or jobs. The trickier verticals to crack are ones like credit cards and loans. Why? These results require the user to enter extra information such as salary or mortgage data and the information providers then need to tailor their dynamic results to those facts. Recipes and lyrics, on the other hand, do not change and do not need this personal input.

There's no way of telling how persistent the sabotage search result is but the original URL is this.


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