Project New World: Global, community directed and transmedia


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There are a team of writers from around the world ready to contribute on a number of novels for Project New World. There are writers and illustrators ready for the comic book. The extra interesting aspect of the transmedia project is that it'll be community directed.

Plans for Project New World include a web site on which readers can vote for what happens next in the plot.

Here's a quote from the funding page;

This won't be "Choose your adventure" type pre-scripted interactive stories. In Project New World community can actively contribute to the storyline. There will be events throughout the month in our webpage, where you can vote for the direction of the plot. Those will not be simple pools but result with important changes in the story. The outcomes will directly shape the Project New World, since writers & illustrators will base their stories on these events’ results.

For example, a group of survivors in Rostov, Russia, finds an A-bomb. While moving the bomb, they are attacked by bandits. At this point, community can vote who gets away with the bomb, or whether it would explode during the fight, erasing the city from the map. In the next event, it could be about what they are doing with the bomb. While such interaction will make this a global experience, it could move the story away from predictability.

The art from the project looks impressive.


This article was first published on Zebra Eclipse and then, in 2023, moved here and backdated. 

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