8 reasons why "performance marketing" makes no sense

I've never liked the term "performance marketing".

That dislike is in part due to the context I'd typically hear it in. This was usually as a dismissive term for work from someone more interested in winning a Cannes Lion than providing ROI.

The other reason why I dislike the term is because it makes no sense. Let me elaborate with a list.
  1. No one offers "non-performing" marketing service. All marketing is by nature “performance” based.
  2. Creative, content or storytelling without purpose, targets and measurement is better known as art.
  3. Strategy exists to help hit targets. Targets do not exists to validate strategy.
  4. The term is overloaded. Attend any "performance marketing awards" in the UK and you'll be sitting among affiliates, affiliate networks and agencies.
  5. Brand strength is directly related to the amount that can be changed for a good of service. Therefore brand building influences performance.
  6. Brand strength also directly assists with conversions. Therefore brand marketing is "performance marketing."
  7. Advertising and marketing are not the same thing. Therefore advertising isn’t and shouldn’t be a synonym for "performance marketing"
  8. Building relationships with publishers, large and small, is a vital part of SEO and affiliate success. Relationship building should never be described as performance marketing.

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