We're all professional video makers: AirDog

We’re all publishers. I don’t just mean brands and agencies but every one of us. As people become better and more able to produce fantastic media then the bar pushes ever higher for brands. Keep that in mind and check out this video pitch for a drone called AirDog.

At the time of writing the AirDog has $70,000+ worth of pledges and needs $200,000 to successfully fund. The campaign closes on Saturday 26th of July. You can contribute to the campaign here.

I’m no sports fan but even I can see the attraction to having a drone like this. Furthermore, you don’t need to ask a friend to help. I speculate this will mean some of the crazy stunts that normally happen when no one is around to see – or stop them – will be recorded.

It is easy to imagine YouTube channels springing up with content fuelled entirely from AirDog. It’s also easy to imagine professional broadcasters having a challenge on their hands. You no longer need a copter to take shots like this. Equally, if a professional sportsman or woman was to wear and AirLeash – who’s AirLeash would they wear?


Please note that this video was moved in 2023 from Zebra Eclipse, and backdated. 

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