Think Tank Summary: Predictions for 2014 Digital Marketing

I was lucky enough to be invited to Linkdex's Think Tank for 2014 Digital Marketing Predictions. I had 15 minutes to share my thoughts and decided that was plenty of time to run through; SEO, PPC, Social, Display, Performance/Affiliates and Data.

My title focused on the last talking point I wanted to raise; "Is the future of Search no search?"

I'll embed my presentation below but that's not the interesting bit. The interesting bit is that a host of very clever folks came and shared their predictions too. I'm talking about Paul Doleman of iCrossing, Leah Katz of Edelman, Andrew Smith of Escherman who I finally got to meet, David Harling in his new role at MoneySuperMarket, Stephen Croome of Firstconversion, Andy Miller of BlueGlass, Stefan Hull of Propellernet, Nick Garner of 90 Digital as well as Linkdex's own Matt Roberts and Stephen Lock.

I sat in the front row and ran a tally of common themes. Okay, so these are the themes I decided so a little arbitrary and I had some overlaps; for example I tracked "mobile" as well as "screens" the latter being those predictions that talked about multi-screening, connected TV, wearable tech, etc. I had data and measurement although there's clearly an overlap.

The chart shows that over 63% of speakers brought up mobile and measurement issues. The next most common topics were content, data and integration. Integration being that thorny issue of getting SEO and PR (or their agencies) to work together, getting Search agencies to work together and that sort of thing.

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