Why I signed the Modern Marketing Manifesto

Econsultancy have been working hard to collect, compile, understand and distil all the digital marketing wisdom that passes through their roundtables, events, blog posts and training sessions. The result is the Modern Marketing Manifesto. You should read it. You might even want to sign it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of digital marketing, especially the areas I’m deeply involved in; paid search, natural search, affiliates, display and various “social” media activities. It feels like I’m over due in getting some of these thoughts out of my head and on to paper, PPT or even blog posts. It’s not easy and that’s why I recognise Econsultancy’s success.

In particular I wanted to pull out a few YES, that’s it snippets from the Modern Marketing Manifesto and attach a word or two of my own brain juice.

It is a mindset rather than just an executional approach. If you do not ‘get digital’ then you cannot be a modern marketer.

Very much so. I call this the battle of Product vs Service. I strongly believe that digital marketing is not a product. It’s not defined by the processes and then delivered exclusively through excellent execution. Although excellence is always important.

Digital marketing is a culture.

We believe the internet has forced transparency upon brands and businesses. Brands no longer control the message, consumers do.

The word “story” is powerful but often used incorrectly. Brands can no longer dictate how people should perceive them. Brands determine how people view them, assign attributes to them and react to them by the way brands behave.

We believe technology is an enabler rather than a solution in itself.


We believe we need creativity just as much as we need technology.

Digital marketing operates in the digital medium. Technology and creative wonders are important assets. The production and deployment of media assets is no substitute for a media/marketing strategy.

We believe social media is about changing our business culture, the ways we work and the ways we engage with our colleagues and customers. It is about creating businesses that have social in their DNA.

You will not succeed if your business cannot evolve to modern standards.

Agile - we must be responsive and adaptive. We embrace change. We believe in flexibility and iteration.

We must find a balance between speed and risk while recognising that a lack of speed is sometimes a catalyst for greater risk. This means brands need to think about sign-off and approval processes. Agencies need to think twice about ECDs being used to approve tweets.

To see the whole Modern Marketing Manifesto pop over to Econsultancy and you agree with what’s been compiled then consider signing. Stick your neck out.

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