Layar creates AR QR codes

QR codes boomed in Japan and struggled everywhere else. I like the idea - don't fiddle; just point your cameraphone at something and collect the information you need.

There are challenges though. The general public needs to be educated on the concept. Not all posters and ads can be featured where there's wi-fi signal. QR codes on TV ads are awkward and have to linger long enough to be scanned.

It's no surprise that people started to predict QR codes would simply get skipped. Samrtphones would, instead, recognise the actual object they were looking at and then react to that. No need for a code.

That's AR rather than QR. In the AR space Layar are one of their major players. It's interesting to see that not only have Layar added QR codes to their latest app but they've given them a new AR twist. That's right AR QRs.

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