The new 301 SEOs should think about: views

There's a quirk on YouTube - once your play counts hit 301 (or thereabouts) they freeze. The catchup comes half a day afterwards, sometimes later.

Numberphile, a YouTube channel popular with geeks like me, managed to get access to YouTube to ask this question. They got a response too.

YouTube answered the questions directly and perhaps there was no reason to wonder if people watching the video were also people who think a lot about search and video marketing at Google. The single takeaway from this video is that Google/YouTube treats video views as currency. That's a significant nod to anyone in search but not surprising. It backs up what Adam Lasnik said about video search many years ago in SES London (2008, I think).

The fact that we're dealing with the magic 301 (aka the 301 redirect) is just a bonus.

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