Is Google getting aggressive with the Charles Dickens doodle?

It's good practice to predict the Google Doodles.

They create one of the largest possible search surges, create enough natural traffic to make or break sites (breaking sites as servers crash under the load) and play merry havoc with quality score and click through ratios - not to mention clicks and costs.

Today's Charles Dickens was a sure-in. It's the Victorian writer's 200th birthday today. It's been on my calendar for a Google Doodle for months.

So, what's happened? Is the Doodle the traffic boss we had predicted?

The Doodle for web search results links to Google's book search. Is this the same as linking to Google's own property?

Certainly every result on the first page is a result. There's also a PPC ad in pole position - for Android. Of course, this could be the Android team being caught out and will have to cope with the sudden rush of traffic, no-clicks and the effect that will have on their quality score. Alternatively, this could just be free traffic for Android.

The mobile results are even stranger. There are no click through results (not in the UK, at least) when a mobile search clicks through the logo. The URL produced by the Doodle click is

Does this mean it's Google or nothing?

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