Wow, the ASA ad that's legal, decent, honest and truthful

The ASA have launched another campaign to raise awareness of their role as industry regulator. There will be TV coverage this time round with an animated ad for "Wow".

Brand Republic says that OMDUK is co-ordinating planning to help secure donated media space and airtime for the ads. I thought I'd donate some of my digital space and include the ad in this blog too.

I hope they do manage to drum up a decent digital campaign because we do have the ASA's brand new expansion into advertising content on websites for the first time this month. That's noted in the ad itself. They don't say that the ASA regulates websites. They say "marketing communications" on websites.

The rule of thumb is an easy one. Are you being "legal, decent, honest and truthful"? If not then there's likely to be a problem.

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