Red Nose Day comics vs crisps adverts

I'm surprised that I like the "Clash of the Comics" Walkers / Red Nose Day adverts. For some reason or another something in my DNA usually prevents me from laughing at adverts - no matter how funny they are supposed to be.

Mind you; I did laugh when the punter drops his Windows Phone 7 mobile in the loo to provoke the scornful "Really?" observation from his pee partner.

Perhaps it's the partnerships in the Red Nose Day vids I like too. Perhaps it's because they feature some of my favourite comedians. There's Frank Skinner versus Stephen Fry and there's Jimmy Carr versus Al Murray. Okay. Three of my favourite comedians.

I don't know if this is surprising or not but someone's found budget to distribute the videos to bloggers via Unruly Media (mind you; could be a charity donation). Here they (ads) are:


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