Does the Valentine's Day logo expose the geographic divides in Google?

There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to which international version of Google has a Valentine's Day logo on display today. Sweden does. Norway does not.

With the logo:

Google UK, Google SE, Google IT, Google DE, Google FI, Google NL, Google DK, Google RU, Google IN, Google FR, Google GR, Google TR, Google ES, Google PT, Google CH, Google ZA...

Without the logo:, Google NO, Google JP, Google CN, Google KR, Google IL, Google AU, Google NZ, Google MX, Google BR, Google CK, Google BE, Google LU, ...

Who was different and did their very own Valentine's Day logo:

Google CA

Disclaimer: This might be a timezone issue but there's still no pattern.

Update: Michael Gray points out that from inside the US you can see the 'Canadian' version. A cache refresh here in the UK/this laptop still doesn't reveal that to me but Joost de Valk reminds us that this link reveals all.

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