Outbrain doing good again

Once again Outbrain show me what a good company should do. I removed their widget - I simply wanted to replace their most popular widget with Disqus' but I wanted to keep their ratings and related option.

I went on holiday without replacing the widget. By the time I got back (but not too quickly) I had an email questionare from them asking what they could do better. I filled it in.

It also reminded to reinstall the widget here and on my new blog. I've done so. That's one blogger install and one wordpress. You get better and more options with wordpress.

I did hit a problem though. The widget couldn't verify my ownership of the site. The log that this produced was %100 transparent and I could easily see what it contained. The fail message suggested I sent it to Outbrain support and provided an email address. I did.

Within 48 hours Kate Heffernan had got back in touch. Problem solved.

What I'd like from Outlook is a way to white/blacklist sites. I want to avoid linking to some sites. In some cases I'd prefer only to link to UK sites.

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