New Facebook and Double Serving

New Facebook looks like it'll have an ad wobble to over come. The note of caution is that we're just in the beta or very early release so it's not surprising that Facebook still has some wrinkles to iron. Look at this:

The new Facebook doubles the graphic ad slots. We go from one ad on the left to two ads on the right. You can see that Facebook is double serving me the same dating ad. I'd be pretty annnoyed if I was the advertiser - especially if I end up paying for two impressions. If I'm only paying for one impression then Facebook just cut their ad revenue by %50. Oops!

Facebook always targets dating ads at me. Clearly it thinks digital marketing men in their 30s should be hot chicks. I agree.

Facebook sent out the following email to advertisers to explain the new ad system.

Thanks for advertising with Facebook. You may have already heard
that Facebook is about to get a new look aimed at making user
profiles simpler and more relevant. You can read more overall about
the new design here,
but let's also take a deeper look into what the new design means for you.

While the content on the site will remain the same, the new design
will shift the placement of ads on the site. Advertisers won't need
to make any changes to the ads they already have created in order
for them to appear on the new site design. The look of the ads will
remain the same, but they will be located in a different part of the page.

The most basic change that you'll notice is that ads will now appear
on the right side of Facebook pages instead of on the left. The new
placement integrates the ads into the new site design in a meaningful
way. As many as two ads may show at one time on any given page.

In addition to these changes, you will also see a new ad on the home
page. This new ad is located just to the right of the News Feed, and
will initially run a limited set of advertisers. As this space continues
to evolve and improve, we'll provide more details.

If you have questions about your advertising or how it might be affected
by the new design, please visit the Help Center at
or contact our team using the form located here:

As always, we welcome any feedback you might have to help us make
our advertising products as effective and useful as possible.

Enjoy the new design!

The Facebook Ads Team


Anonymous said…
Nice find there Andrew. I'd seen others discuss this development but donno of anyone catching this point.

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