What Facebook Germany looks like - and problems

Hopefully this isn't another 'me too' post about the launch of Facebook Germany.

I thought it would be fun to see the choice Germans face when they log into Facebook today. Pick your language.

I'm not actually in either of the bigmouthmedia German offices. I'm in Gatwick, London, England (oh! why am I flying the day the 'storm of the winter' hits the south cost?) and am on a T-Mobile hotspot.

I've already touched on Google's problems with these 'annoying' hotspots with confusing IP geolocation so I thought I should point out that sites like Facebook are equally effected...

... except, well, does Facebook has less of an excuse? I've never had a German ad shown to be at Facebook. My profile clearly says I'm United Kingdom based. Is that language option box a compromise between my profile and my current IP address? I suspect not... I suspect Facebook is simply checking by IP geolocation this week.


ramon said…
I guess the Facebook Beacon AI read the entry in your minifeed about Edward Cowells new post: Achtung Facebook! and decided to show you how much he knows about you life.

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