Will MIVA cope on GaydarNation?

Just skimming today's press releases and found one from Giuliana Rubinia over at MIVA announcing that they've secured a deal to place cost-per-click content ad units across the GaydarNation portal and sites.

It's an interesting deal. As you might expect, Gaydar's sites are strongly themed. They're an example of what some people call an "uber-theme" or "site-theme".

You can imagine that the contextual network search engines would try and place "holiday", "cheap flights", "hotels", etc, etc, ads on any article about booming tourism in London.

What about on Gaydar?

Would ideal solution for search engine, publisher and advertiser would be for adverts for gay holidays to be contextually matched to London tourism content on Gaydar?

What if that match comes at the expense of "flight" adverts? Or "London sightseeing" adverts? Or "car hire"?

The question is how much should the Gaydar site's theme influence the topic of any given page.

MIVA beat Yahoo to this pitch. The larger the advertisers inventory then the easier it is to explore answers to the question above and use click analysis to help decide. Certainly Yahoo would seem to have a much larger inventory than MIVA.

Trevor Martin of QSoft (who own Gaydar) has said that MIVA showed good understanding of the brief and were willing to customise the look and feel of their ads to match GaydarNation.com's design.

Well done to MIVA for the win. Let's wait and see how well they do in targeting adverts to the site.


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