CYC – Claim Your Content

On Thursday I wrote about Cleaner Content. So did The Register.

On Friday Garret Rogers noticed Google claiming “Claim Your Content” domains and variants.

Today, Ionut Alex Chitu drew attention to a YouTube video where John Battelle interviews Eric Schmidt. Schmidt explicitly talks about CYC – Claim Your Content.

I think that’s it. Cleaner Content is Claim Your Content. This may well be an audio issue. The two sound the same!

In the video Eric Schmidt says that he believes Viacom are negotiating with Google. He points out that Google removed all the Viacom videos on request which complies with the DMCA.

Schmidt also says that the future is very much about mobile. Good. I’ve been saying this for a while so I’m glad to have some more “told you so” clout to point to!


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