Yahoo! Search blog: Video Searching: Now Easier Than Ever!

Yahoo does seem to have the lead in video search. Yahoo's video search makes it easy to have your QuickTime and media files included and it covers all sorts of movie media on the web. Google's Video search, on the other hand, seems to only really bother with TV media and capturing it. I suspect Google could extend the sitemap XML to include specialties like video or audio. The tweaks to Yahoo Video are responsible for a big announcement over at Yahoo! Search blog but they are just tweaks. The API news is bigger and better.

Just wait a second. The other, earlier, entry into the Yahoo! Search blog is, I think, much much better. They've finally added a "Save to My Web" button and even gone a step further to let users search their tag clouds.

I think this really will help to promote Yahoo's Social Search activities. It was the orange RSS and "Add to MyWeb" buttons which started to spread throughout the blogosphere which really did push RSS from fringe to mainstream. I suspect the same will happen here again even though the My Web button is quite bulky. You'd be a die hard user to put the tag cloud on your web site but only last night I was toying with parsing the RSS feeds from my Social Search at Yahoo as a form of a "recommended links" page for ARHG net. I may just slap on the tag cloud instead.


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